Dear Restaurant Owner,

If you currently own or have managed a restaurant, then you understand that the kitchen is the heart of everything, you could have hired the best interior designers in the world to get you an amazing decor but if the kitchen isn't working then nothing will. And its true cleanliness is always the one aspect many restaurant owners seem to downplay. See most owners put cleaning on the back of the list so that it merely becomes a secondary task which is the worst way to do it.

To build a restaurants' reputation or the image it holds in the customers' eyes, you need to scrape regularly, you need to polish regularly, you need to scrub regularly and most importantly you need to clean regularly.

Cleaning will not only help you boost your franchise directly - imagine if your customer was busy eating some of your delicious pie and they saw a cockroach walking on the ceiling, bet you can guess how many times they will come back to your restaurant - zero. Cleaning helps prevent this from ever happening.

Regular cleaning will also help grow your business indirectly, by cleaning your systems often you can prevent grease accumulation, which will in turn prevent fires. Did you know electricity and grease are the main causes of restaurant fires, causing millions in damage? Don't be part of this statistic. Make sure you're ready and save yourself all the unnecessary loss associated with incomprehension.

There is nothing as frustrating as hiring a company to clean your spaces only to be left with utter disappointment and tones of regret. It's something we see all the time, some of our clients have called us to come in and fix what some other cleaning company has messed up. We've seen some companies leave the place even worse than it was before, leaving dirt everywhere, breaking equipment and basically disregarding all cleaning and safety regulations. Other cleaning companies don’t get the work done to the full extent, preferring to ignore those hard to reach places you otherwise might not see. We have also come across companies that have gone even further to steal valuables left inside the premises
I can't really blame them though, cleaning is tough, lack of coordination in itself can lead to poor results. You need a team that's been working for years perfecting itself while equipping itself with all the necessary tools to ensure good work is accomplished. That’s us. At San Antonio Restaurant Hood Cleaning, we strictly follow and adhere to all NFPA guidelines and train our workers too - all to ensure everything is going according to plan and you’re always ready for inspector visits.

None of the clients we have previously worked with has left dissatisfied with any of our services, we have always tried to overdeliver and we're 200% sure we will blow your mind too. You can also request before and after pictures of the service areas being to validate this claim.
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have asked us.

What does San Antonio Restaurant Hood Cleaning do exactly?

I know you saw 'hood' in our name and thought hood cleaning. You’re smart we do offer hood cleaning services and we're the best at it, but we're also the best at many other things. We also clean kitchen equipment really well, we help restaurants maintain fire safety, we help with grease containment and removal, we do general restaurant cleaning etc. Our experienced team has spent years honing the skill of restaurant cleaning and is more than ready to take on any task you present them with.

Why is a good hood cleaning so important to your business and reputation?

Restaurants (or places with commercial kitchens) must foster a clean and hygienic environment to maintain the health and safety of employees and customers. Regular cleaning and servicing will also not only go into building the overall restaurant appearance, it will also help keep you safe. Safe from the preventable fires caused by grease accumulation within the system.

San Antonio Restaurant Hood Cleaning will help you achieve the industry standard of clean to bare metal. The NFPA 96 states that hood, grease removal tools, fans and other parts of the system must be washed regularly to remove flammable substances away from substances riddled with grease

Which neighborhoods do you offer services too?

We currently serve San Antonio, Texas and all the areas surrounding it. Simply call us if you’d like any of our services. We'd love to schedule an appointment to find out more about your requirements.

Do you perform hood cleaning on any type of restaurant in particular?

No. We handle any kind of restaurant, whether you own a fast food joint, a fine dining joint, a bistro, a cafeteria - anything. Our well-equipped and trained team is ready to clean any space you have and exceed all your expectations

How much will your hood cleaning services cost me?

We have the best rates in town because we offer the best services in town. Please note that because every client has unique needs and requirements, we refrain from setting fixed service prices. Get in touch with us if you need a quote. Do you need to however be aware that the quote estimate will be charged according to the Size of your restaurant? It's the current condition of your restaurant’s equipment? and lastly the number of add-on services you'd like included in the quotation package, these services include something like hood filter maintenance.

For a free quotation regarding any of our services or should you have any questions you would like answered, please don't hesitate to contact us.
If you'd like we can even schedule an appointment whereby we'll send in one of our representatives to come to you for an inspection and craft a custom quote that's tailored to your needs. Call us on this number - (210) 944-4984 to get started or you can use the contact form here to send us a message.

Looking forward to working with you, both now and in the future.


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