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Restaurant owners know the significance of regular rooftop upkeep and servicing. All shelter systems require certain preventive measures to guarantee enduring performance plus a long life. There are some scenarios that call for additional rooftop grease containment upkeep, for example, rooftop apparatus that house grease emitting exhaust fans. The grease and oil discharged from rooftop cookhouse exhaust systems are unfavorable to any rooftop.

Let San Antonio Restaurant Hood Cleaning take care of your rooftop grease containment.

Grease must build up within your apparatus especially if you work with oils, your kitchen will have to set up some sort of protocol to deal with this grease in order to avert a fire breakout. However, you shouldn't just hire anybody because most regular cleaning companies make the mistake of emptying filth into a local drain instead of removing it completely, leading to further build-up. Some steam cleaners even tend to move the grease further up into the grease ductwork, causing even worse grease accumulations. Not good!

You deserve the best in rooftop grease containment. That's us, San Antonio Hood Cleaners will install or reinstall a rooftop grease containment system to collect all the filth while it's forming. One benefit of installing a grease containment system well is it will stop hydrophobic pads formation which will shed all the water and stick with the grease. Having a grease box set up will allow the system to catch the grease excluding the pads so that all the rainwater spills onto the roof together with the grease. This process will ultimately save you a ton of repair costs at the end of the day because since the rain is diverted it won't ruin your roof. You can also check our About page to know more about our company.

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Our team is highly trained, certified and very committed to providing you with the best rooftop grease containment services. Our team will go out of its way to ensure your more than satisfied. All it takes if a moment to read our 5-star customer reviews. If you're anywhere around San Antonio, we'd love to talk to you, call in today or visit our Contact page to schedule an appointment of ask for a free quote.

Once you've confirmed interest one of your representatives will call you and schedule a visit to come to where you are, once they conduct a super quick inspection within your premises he or she get will get back to you with a custom quotation. No worries we have best rates in town.

We are licensed, bonded, certified and fully insured for rooftop grease containment.

San Antonio Restaurant Hood Cleaning proudly serves San Antonio, Texas.

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